Strobic Air is a recognized technological leader in the air movement industry, specializes in technologically advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods in university, public health, government, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and other process industries.

About Strobic Air

Strobic Air has over four decades of experience in addressing the needs of laboratory researchers and facility owners. Strobic Air has continued to develop and improve its systems to provide greater flows, lower energy costs and decreased noise. Discover what makes their product lines an excellent choice by AAP.

Strobic Air Exceptional Service and Quality

With Strobic Air you receive the highest care with top quality products. The Tri-Stack laboratory fume hood and process exhaust systems meet requirements of ANSI Z9.5 (2003), by the American National Standard for Laboratory Ventilation. Tri-Stack systems are available for single exhaust or for manifold systems on a common plenum up to 240,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM). They work practically maintenance-free and with continuous operation. Less appealing tall stacks, with associated expensive mounting hardware and guy wires, are eliminated. And Tri-Stack reduces static pressure in the system by approximately 2″ w.g.

Strobic Air offers the free services of our Safety Design Response Team to customers and designers for review of new and retrofit designs. The team can frequently help reduce duct run costs, decrease system pressure drops, and provide a lower, aesthetically pleasing roofline.

Advantages of Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fume Exhaust Systems

Prevent Re-Entertainment

Tri-Stack fume exhaust systems send a vertical “jet plume” of diluted exhaust gas up to 350’ high, providing atmospheric disbursement and preventing exhaust from re-entering the facility through fresh air supply ventilation systems, doors, and windows.

Eliminate Odor

Up to 170% of free outside air is introduced into the airstream above the roof. The dilution capabilities of Tri-Stack exhaust fans, effectively eliminate these odors. Additonally, the fans help in preventing these odors from entering the facility and neighboring buildings.

Reduce Noise at the Property Line

Tri-Stack systems direct-drive motors reduce the amount of noise on your property line. Direct-drive motors have less horsepower and preferred blade design. Additionally, these factors lead to a quieter motor on the exhaust system than centrifugal fan motors. If noise ever becomes an issue, Strobic Air offers a number of accessories to assist in reducing noise.

Comply with Architectural/Aesthetic Ordinances

Many communities have strict ordinances governing building exhaust roof stacks. Common problems associated with tall, unsightly stacks are eliminated with Tri-Stack systems. Tri-Stack systems are ideal for most code compliance cases and low profile Tri-Stack systems are typically unseen from the property line.

Low Energy Costs

Tri-Stack fans produce lower energy costs in using direct drive motors becasue they use less energy per horsepower and use a mixed flow impeller design. These elements produce less energy and cost decreases. With these things in mind, a Tri-Stack fume exhaust system can even give you a return on investment in less than two years. For applications that require conditioned makeup air, Strobic Air offers an accessory heat exchanger system that can also reduce energy costs.

Tri Stack vs. Centrifugal Fans