Our service goes beyond the support we provide in the engineering, sale, delivery, and installation of our equipment. We are there for the end user years after the installation of our equipment.

Built to Last

Most of our equipment is designed and built to last 25 to 30+ years if maintained properly, it only makes sense for us to be there for our customer’s years after the warranty period has expired. Many of our products carry the longest standard warranties in the business, such as Danfoss drives which come with a 1.6 -year parts and labor warranty with certified start up services provided by AAP or one of our many local factory trained service groups.

Ongoing Training

Customer training services are provided after startup and are designed to improve the level of understanding for our products. The training is conducted with a mix of classroom theory and hands-on field training. This allows the maintenance staff to take ownership with the”peace of mind” that they are equipped to trouble shoot and solve most problems in-house. If not, AAP can offer support/service agreements that are tailored to specific customer needs.

In addition, many of our manufacturers offer computer based training programs on CD or on-line to enhance your continuing education or for new employee training on the HVAC systems that have been provided by AAP. The key is we don't leave you hanging without local service. Your investment is safe and secure with AAP.