Reymsa Cooling Towers has been in the cooling tower business for 50 years and offers the best Non-Corrosive Cooling Tower on the market. All of our towers are CTI Thermal Performance certified.


Reymsa was founded as a Private Industrial Group in 1969. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to the development, design, engineering, and manufacturing of high quality Cooling Towers, enjoying continuous growth in the global market to this day.

Through local reps our sales offices cover most of the major cities in the U.S., providing reliable support for all your projects. Also, our prices provide the best value for a Non-Corrosive Cooling Tower. The combination of our unique patented one-piece casing and the use of the most advanced technology make our towers some of the best available on the market.

Why Choose Reymsa Cooling Towers

Reymsa Cooling Towers provide highly durable construction materials

FRP has proven its durability in cooling towers over the last 40 years. FRP is replacing treated wood as the material of choice for structural framing easily more than doubling the expected life of large industrial field-erected cooling towers.

A simple analogy can be used to have a clear understanding of FRP properties:

The polyester resin can be seen as the cement and the fiberglass as the reinforced bars in concrete construction. In addition, Reymsa adds several layers of thick high-grade fiberglass woven mats that results in the structural integrity that Reymsa’s customers have come to depend on.

Chemical and weather resistance

Reymsa only uses the highest quality isophthalic polyester resin that offers the best resistance to UV, chemical and hard water attacks. Reymsa recommends using 30 years for life cycle cost analysis based on CTI Guideline 152*. Reymsa’s experience, as well as our supplier’s, is that using our high-grade isophthalic polyester resin will have a much longer undetermined life.

There is an industry trend towards non-chemical water treatment systems that provides for less make-up water and higher cycles of concentration. However, these higher cycles of water concentrations result in levels of chloride that steel towers (galvanized or stainless) cannot tolerate. Fortunately, this is not a concern for Reymsa Cooling Towers owners.

Models and Features

RT Series Models
RT Models
RTM Models
RTU Models
RTG Models
RTGM Models

HRFG Series Cooling Tower

The HRFG Series Cooling Tower has a variety of models that our customers can choose from to fit the requirements for any application:

      • 24 – 1236 nominal tons per unit
      • All FRP Unitized construction for a quick & easy assembly and installation
      • One, Two or four fan models with Direct Drive System
      • Low Sound option
      • Modular configuration for increased capacities and to accommodate any heat load

Our units exceed energy efficiency per ASHRAE Standard 90.1 to reduce operating costs.

Closed Circuit Fluid Cooler

The Closed Circuit Fluid Cooler is manufactured to provide the highest performance and long service life, for those demanding the best:

      • Self-contained heat transfer equipment
      • Corrosion-resistant construction materials
      • Over 100 different models
      • From 80 to 1,902 GPM @ Standard conditions: 95 ºF / 85 ºF / 78 ºF
      • CTI certified in accordance with Standard 201
      • Type L Copper Coil with stainless steel casing
      • High-Performance Recirculating Pump
      • One, two or four fan models with Direct Drive System
      • Low Sound fan option
      • Models available with Gear Drive System and Low sound by design

Our units exceed energy efficiency per ASHRAE Standard 90.1 to reduce operating costs.