Our Technical Sales Engineers have the educational background, professional experiences, and high-tech industry tools and software to assist the design consultant, preconstruction manager, and owner in the early stages of building design and making the correct decisions regarding the type of HVAC system to use.

Advise. Design. Deliver.

These three words reflect our philosophy and value to our customers and clients. Providing one-of-a-kind HVAC solutions has been in our company DNA since the beginning, fueled our growth, and made us who we are to the local HVAC industry since 1985.

Advise — "To give (someone) a recommendation about what should be done; to apply or recommend based on experience.” Everyone loves good advice from a trusted advisor. This is one of our main goals and “we give our best ideas away for free, trusting our customers will specify or buy from AAP.”

Design — “To create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan.”
The technical sales professionals at AAP have over 200+ years of practical experience applying HVAC products on the most challenging projects in the most demanding conditions. Our extensive design experience and hands-on services make us a solid partner to get the best fit for almost any project budget or challenge.

Deliver — “To produce the promised, wanted, or expected results.”
Providing expert advice and design assistance are key ingredients of any successful project, but with delivering and executing quality products, on-time, and as promised they mean very little. We partner with some of the best HVAC brands in the marketplace and together we deliver the results that create repeat business and builds long-term relationships, that last.

Engineers with experience

Our engineers allow for modeling and budgeting of any project quickly and accurately. Our technical sales team have the best tools to select the right HVAC system and optimize it for its particular application. Our technical expertise, diverse systems experience, and “lessons learned” approach to selecting HVAC equipment allows for the innovation, energy efficiency, to emerge for the optimum HVAC system solution to be applied on each project.