SecureAire utilizes an Active Particle Control system. This process represents the most advanced air filtration and purification system offered today. It has the ability to be applied to a wide variety of applications previously bound by the application of standard mechanical filtration, ion generation and other electrically enhanced technologies.

The SecureAire Approach

Associated Air Products is proud to provide SecureAire filters. The SecureAire Technical approach is based upon Active Particle Control. This approach utilizes semiconductor airborne contamination reduction technologies to monitor, optimize, and control the primary transport mechanisms of electrical space charge and airflow.

With Active Particle Control, we efficiently condition and collect where appropriate inactive pathogens and particles of concern in the occupied space. Particle behavior in the very critical size range (.3 to 1 micron) of bacteria and viruses is influenced the most by its electrical charge characteristics. As particle size increases, typically above 3 microns in size, the electrical force influence on its behavior drops.

Active Particle Control makes airflow the dominant transport mechanism and controls the behavior of fine particulates by creating inelastic collisions on a sub-micron level. This causes smaller particles to collide and stay together to become larger and give the ability to collect the larger particles within the filter. This collision process continues into the treated space and aids in the reduction of indoor generated contaminate levels.


Benefits of the SecureAire Technical Approach

  • SecureAire’s Active Particle Control reduces a wide variety of harmful particles. From viruses, bacteria, TVOCs, dissolved gasses, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, odors, smoke particles, diesel fumes, and jet fumes.
  • SecureAire employs electrical field control and placement techniques that convert a low particle capture efficiency filter into a high capture efficiency. These techniques ensure a long filter life and the ability to inactivate airborne pathogens to be created.
  • SecureAire uses Active Particle Control, a non-selective process that treats all indoor and outdoor air contaminants.

SecureAire Products

Advanced Collector System (ACS)

APS-2000X Ducted recirculation system

APS-1000X Portable stand-alone system

AQM-100 Air Quality Monitor