United CoolAir Corporation is a leading manufacturer of indoor packaged and light commercial heating and air conditioners.

About United CoolAir

United CoolAir units range from 1 to 100 tons of capacity and include outdoor air applications. We develop these unique comfort cool air solutions around an innovative modular packaged all-indoor system. Built to order horizontal and vertical systems are available as Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, Chilled Water, and Heat Pump models.

We build UCA units with a wide range of options to meet almost any need. The use of resealable refrigerant fittings makes systems ideal for retrofit and renovation projects with lower total installed costs than many conventional replacements. Furthermore, most United CoolAir heat and cooling units fit through a standard 3.0 doorway and can be engineered to meet your specific needs. Commercial grade portable/temporary units are available and can be delivered directly from the factory. United CoolAir has been owned and operated since 1988 and AAP is proud to partner with the company. Contact us for more information on the latest with these systems.

How Does a United CoolAir Commercial Portable Air Container Work?

Before we get into the advantages of these systems, lets explore how these containers work. Air from the room is pulled in and passes through a filter to prevent dust from getting into the unit. This helps reduce the maintenance needed for a commercial portable air conditioner and extends its overall life as well. The air then passes through an air conditioning coil to cool the air to the appropriate temperature. Next, the internal blower shoots the cool air through supply air tubes back out into the room.

The temperature of the cooled air that comes out is usually about twenty degrees cooler than the air that went in. The temperature of the air in the room can go through another twenty-degree drop as it is lowering. Thus, a room that starts off at one hundred degrees can lower to a temperature of about eighty degrees cooler. Then, that eighty-degree air can get turned into sixty-degree air. This assumes that you have bought a powerful enough unit for the room size you are cooling.

Advantages of Commercial Portable Air Conditioners

Convenience and Flexibility

There’s nothing more convenient than rolling in your commercial portable air conditioner to the exact location you want it, plugging it into a nearby electrical outlet, and turning on your unit! You are not limited in the placement like you are with window air conditioners. Additionally, you don’t have to go to the expense of cutting a hole in the wall and there are no worries about having to install ducts anywhere. Plus, you can very easily switch locations of your unit when you want to without any hassle at all. You can even take your commercial portable air conditioner to a different location as needed.

Economic Savings To Industrial Businesses

Sometimes central air conditioning isn’t economical or even possible. The cost to install an HVAC system that would actually work in a large industrial space might be astronomical. This is often true for industrial places like large warehouses, big server rooms, or giant factory floors. However, these spaces still contain products and or workers that need to be kept cool. If the space is not cool enough the products could face damages or productivity might go way down. These are the types of situations where a commercial portable air conditioner can be the perfect solution.

Multi-functional commercial portable air conditioner can not only cool in the summer but can also heat in the winter! Some multi-functional commercial portable air conditioners, in fact, even come with the ability to act as dehumidifiers. This is especially useful for some products such as paper-based products or textiles and where both the summer and winter produce extreme temperatures.

Other Advantages

One advantage that isn’t discussed as much is that the supply air tube(s) are usually adjustable. This allows you to direct the cool air in exactly the direction you want it to flow. If you have a tall warehouse where heat rises, you may want to point these adjustable air supply tubes in an upwards direction to directly cool that rising warmer air. On the other hand, if you have hard-working men and women in the warehouse that really need to cool off fast, you can direct these adjustable air tubes directly at the workers, at least for a temporary time, to give them some much-needed relief. They’ll love you for it and be more productive.

Some people actually extend the supply air tubes by attaching flex duct with a slightly larger diameter over the top of the air tubes. This allows you to direct the cool air to a precise location. For example, if you have commercial crops that are in danger of dying in an intense heatwave, you can use these extenders to cool the air right around these crops to create a “microhabitat” of cooler ambient air. This can also be done with highly sensitive technical equipment or laboratory samples during an extreme heatwave.