Being and “living green” has never been easier. At AAP we endeavor to live and promote an integrated lifestyle that allows personal and professional opportunities to save resources whenever possible.

Learn About AAP’s Green Products

Whether it is saving paper through striving for a “paperless” office, choosing hybrid cars, or recycling activities, each of us can make a difference. This way of thinking has led to the “EZ2B Green” area of the website.

Our goal is to provide the most up to date, comprehensive resources available from our growing lineup of GREEN energy saving products. You can find L.E.E.D position papers, application bulletins, and job studies to assist the consultant, contractors, and owners in making green choices all in one place.

AAP Products LEED Position Papers:

  1. Aircuity – Cut Cost by Controlling Air Flow
  2. Aircuity DCV Whitepaper
  3. Ebtron
  4. RenewAire
  5. SecureAire

Top Energy Savings Ideas and Application Articles:

  1. Phoenix Controls “Energy Savings Options”