Danfoss Mission

Constant use of hydronic heating system by commercial building occupants continuously causes flow and differential pressure changes.

Without proper measurements, such systems suffer from uneven heat distribution, poor energy efficiency and are very difficult to commission.

By adding an actuator, the valves function as flow-limited control valves, automatically balancing the system and providing the best possible indoor comfort and energy efficiency. The commissioning of the system is a lot easier, all valves only need to be set to the design flow before the actuators are mounted.

Danfoss offers a broad range of pressure-independent balancing and control valves and matching actuators.

Features & Benefits of Danfoss Actuators

Stable Room Temperature

Eliminating the overflow situations at partial load conditions has a significant effect on the stability of the room temperature

Improved Indoor Comfort

With the stable room temperature, the indoor comfort increases. Required temperatures are precisely met, increasing commercial building productivity, such as employees in the office employees or benefiting the experience of hotel guests.

Energy Savings

The perfectly balanced system, under all conditions, increases the energy efficiency and leads to savings on energy costs.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

As the pressure-independent valves ensure perfect working conditions, the actuators mounted on them require fewer movements to keep the temperature stable. This increases the lifetime value of the actuators and reduces the maintenance costs.

Product Range

AB-QM™ Valves
AB-QM™ Valves

Simple Affordable Comfort – Pressure independent control excellence from the global market leader for over 30 years. Discover how Danfoss AB-QM™ Pressure independent control valves (PICVs) can improve system efficiency by eliminating overflows and increasing ΔT. Danfoss offers a complete range of innovative solutions – 1/2″ to 10″, to meet your HVAC system’s needs for optimal flow control.

Related Products

AB-QM™ Actuators

AB-QM™ Actuators

To take advantage of the combined balancing and control features of Danfoss AB-QM it has to be equipped with actuators controlled by room thermostats or a Building Management System. Danfoss offers a broad range of actuators varying from thermal on-off, to digital actuators with bus communication.


NovoCon® S Digital Actuator

NovoCon® S Digital Actuator

With NovoCon® S Danfoss revolutionizes the way hydronic balancing and HVAC control work together. The first of its kind digital HVAC actuators are directly connected with a Building Management System (BMS). This enables System Integrators to design state-of-art, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.