Since 1985, AAP has supplied Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment and other appurtenances that are required to provide a complete Power plant HVAC installation package. Many of these systems required custom materials and treatments to survive in the rugged, dirty, plant environment.

Typical Scope of Products and Services

The typical equipment that AAP supplies for projects are as follows:
Chiller Pump Packages, Chilled Water Storage Tanks, Condensing Units, Air Handling Units, Fans, Power Roof Ventilators, Duct Heaters, Unit Heaters, Diffusers, Registers, Grilles, Louvers, Storm Louvers, Sand Louvers, VAV Boxes, Sound Attenuators, Dampers, Access Doors, Ductwork & Supports, High Temperature Ductwork & Supports, Duct Seismic Bracing, Duct Wrap Insulation & Duct Liner, Split-Ductless Units, Package Thru-Wall Units, Equipment Isolation, Expansion Tanks, Chemical Feeders, Water Treatment Chemicals, Chilled Water Piping, Piping Supports, Piping Seismic Bracing, Piping Insulation, Control Valves, Isolation Valves, Temperature & Pressure Indicators.

Temperature Control Panels & Instrumentation, Explosion Proof Temperature Control Panels, Local Start/Stop Stations, Smoke Detectors, Refrigerant Piping, Refrigerant Accessories, Refrigerant Piping Insulation & Lagging, Refrigerant Piping Supports, Refrigerant & Oil, Floor Drains, Drain Piping, Condensate Piping, Pipe Markers, Equipment Nameplates & Tags, Start-up Spare Parts, Recommended Spare Parts, Structural Steel for Supports, Rods, and Fasteners, as required, for the complete installation of the equipment listed above.

AAP provides detailed submittals and Operation & Maintenance Manuals in both metric and US units, for all the equipment supplied. In addition, detailed installation drawings can be provided.

AAP has many years of experience in crating, containerizing, and shipping of equipment worldwide.

Other services provided include: Start-up Supervision, On Site Erection Representation, Commissioning, Testing & Balancing, and Owner Training.

A Few of Our Successfully Completed Projects

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